Hugarian language

The official language of the country is Hungarian, which forms part of the Finno-Ugric language family. Hungarians call their language magyar. Although Hungary is located in Central Europe, Hungarian is not related to any of the languages that surround the country.
Hungarian is spoken by 10 million people in Hungary. There are also sizable populations of Hungarian speakers in Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, the Ukraine, Israel, and the U.S. Smaller pockets of Hungarian speakers also live in Canada, Slovenia and Austria.

A Guide to Hungarian Pronunciation

Vowels: Some consonants that are usually problematic for non-natives:
  • A – as in guard
  • Á – as in hut
  • E – as in set
  • É – as in grey (without the I sound)
  • I – as in hit
  • Í – as in deal
  • O – as in boy
  • Ó – as in boar
  • Ö – as in girl
  • Ő – as in learn (pronounced longer than ö)
  • U – as in bull
  • Ú – as in cool
  • Ü – as Azur in Cote d’Azur
  • Ű – same as ü, but pronounced longer
  • C – as ts in tsar
  • Cs – as ch in cherry
  • Gy – as d in duty
  • J – as y in yes
  • Ly – as y in yes
  • Ny – as n in news (including the I sound)
  • S – as s in sugar  
  • Sz – as s in skip
  • Ty – as t in tube (including the I sound)
  • Zs – as ge in beige

Source: Tempus Public Foundation